The fundamental points of my artistic production are: spatula, color, representation, and mental reflection. The spatula has rather become a personal stylistic signature that allows the matter to explode over the canvas and be channeled into a series of chromatic grids. I prefer the color, which is the cardinal point, pure and saturated, superimposed over hues and tones. In fact, each work has its own specificity which is given by the coloristic chords, sometimes harmonious, sometimes strident, but always decisive and incisive. In regards to the subject of my works, the absolute protagonist is the urban landscape and in particular the New York one, intended not as an architectural structure, but as a powerful force, a vital echo. A vision that could not be obtained in reality because it is given from multiple points of view starting from above, then from below, through games of geometric and axonometric projections. All this so that the viewer of the artwork can wander in it and can see what s/he wants, observe it through a mental dialogue that is research, rather than solely a visual action. Indeed, in my art everything starts from the hand and from the glance, and then it is generated and it is read through the mind.

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